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Looking for an experienced Hunter/Jumper home groom to care for a maximum of 8 horses (some retired). 

Please read information below. If you are interested, please send a resume or a list of your experiences to FortunaFarmsCO@

The horses will not move into the stable until late December or early January, but for the right candidate, we may be willing to hire earlier. 

References will be required if selected.

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  • Position includes a brand new furnished 2-bedroom apartment with 2 full bathrooms (worth $2,400 per month - floorplan at bottom of page)

  • Washer and dryer in the apartment, plus all new appliances including a gas stove.

  • All utilities included (up to a maximum amount): heat, air conditioning, water, gas, high-speed wifi, and a cell phone

  • Spouse and up to 2 children are permitted to share apartment with you (sorry, no pets allowed)

  • Located in a good school district (Douglas County) and on the school bus route

  • 5 minutes from the town of Castle Rock & 15 minutes south of Denver (more about location below)


  • In addition to full private use of the 2-bedroom apartment, the position pays $40,000 - $50,000 per year depending on experience

  • Includes 10 paid sick or vacation days (vacation days must be planned & approved at least 2 months in advance)


Job duties include but are not limited to the below:

  • Work is about 40 hours a week and 5.5 days per week (Normal schedule: ~7 hours per day Monday – Friday and half day on Saturday, Sunday entirely off - May change for horse show weeks with advance notice)

  • Groom and tack up horses for riders, 2-5 horses per day

  • Clean tack and wash horse laundry as needed

  • Feed hay 1x per day by filling up the automatic hay feeders (we feed from small square bales and a gator-type UTV can be used)

  • Feed grain and supplements 1x per day

  • Turn horses out daily, weather permitting

  • Clean stalls and runs 1x per day and replace shavings as needed

    • Stalls are 14' x 16' with mats and have runs attached so stalls are easy to clean

    • Manure heap is slightly downhill from the barn and wheelbarrows can be dumped directly down into a dumpster - no pushing heavy wheelbarrows uphill!

    • Automatic waters must be cleaned 2x per week

    • If horses are kept inside due to weather, stalls need to be cleaned 2x day

  • Clean turnouts and pastures 1-2x per week (UTV with trailer can be used)

  • Keep stable clean and tidy (wide vacuum for rubber paver aisle)

  • Blanket, unblanket and change blankets/sheets for horses as needed

  • Care for horses’ medical needs as required

  • Put horses in walker or hand walk horses as needed in bad weather or if injured

  • Night check 4 nights per week

  • Clip horses as needed

  • Help set and move jumps periodically

  • General farm and fence maintenance

  • Occasional show groom help at local horse shows

  • Snow removal around stable as needed in the winter (snowplows, snowblowers and good snow shovels provided)


  • Candidate characteristics

    • Organized with attention to detail – Someone who can understand which horse wears which tack, which type of blankets should be worn when, which horses go in which turnouts/pastures, etc. and can get it right every time and every day.

    • A genuine liking of horses and a caring personality

    • Ability to think for themself, but also to do things the way instructed – owner is particular about certain things

    • Happy and content working primarily alone – this is sole charge position

    • A morning person – works starts daily at 6:30am

    • Efficient and punctual

    • Hardworking and reliable

    • Strong and capable of lifting 50+ lbs alone

    • Good communication skills, not afraid to ask questions to get something right

    • Valid driver’s license

  • Experience & capabilities

    • At least 1-2 years of experience (ideally 5+ years) working as a hunter, jumper, dressage, or eventing groom with corresponding capabilities. Racehorse experience would be considered. 

    • Ability to recognize horse health issues and perform basic medical care, such as wrapping legs, cleaning wounds, poulticing legs, packing hooves, providing medications and following veterinary instructions

    • Experience grooming at horse shows

    • Able to hitch up a gooseneck trailer and drive a horse to the vet hospital if needed

    • Ideally, but not required, experience driving tractors and handling other farm machinery

  • References Required

    • Two references from previous employers required

    • A reference from a rider at a stable where you are currently employed is acceptable instead of one previous employer reference, if you do not want to inform your current employer you are considering leaving

  • English​

    • Candidate must have at least basic English skills and the ability to communicate with and follow instructions from veterinarians, farriers, and delivery drivers

  • Work Authorization

    • Candidate must have U.S. work authorization. This is not a cash job. It will be paid by regular payroll service with taxes withheld as appropriate

  • Vaccinations​

    • Must be currently vaccinated for Tetanus, Flu & COVID and willing to stay current on vaccinations​

  • Background Check​

    • Must be willing and able to pass a comprehensive background check​

  • No Smoking, Tobacco Use or Drugs​

    • Candidates must be 100% drug and tobacco free (no smoking, no chewing tobacco, no vaping, etc.)​

    • Candidates must be willing to submit to random drug tests periodically if liability insurance requires


  • Stable and indoor arena are heated and kept above 40 degrees in the winter for a nice working environment even in the winter

  • Stable has good airflow, fans, overhangs, and vaulted ventilated ceilings for a nice cool working environment in the summer 

  • Stable has been designed for maximum efficiency and functionality (automatic waterers, automatic feeders, etc.)

  • You will be provided with good quality equipment do the job efficiently. Equipment, such as tractor (heated cab w/ AC), wheelbarrows, manure forks, brooms, vacuums, UTV, etc. are all in good working condition and are expected to be treated well

  • Owners live on-site, but work fulltime jobs mostly from home and also have to travel for work

  • Owners are kind and caring, but have high expectations for performance and attention to detail

  • Horses are generally kind and well trained – no stallions

Castle Rock Image.jpg


  • Fortuna Farms is located on 38 acres, but it is only 5 minutes from the town of Castle Rock

  • Fortuna Farms is 5-10 minutes to everything… grocery stores, restaurants, Home Depot, Starbucks, the outlet mall, I-25, dentists, doctors, schools, etc.

  • Castle Rock is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and has beautiful views

  • The weather:

    • The Front Range area of Colorado is known for its sunshine and relatively mild climate.

    • Yes, it snows and can be cold in the winter sometimes, but it can also be 65 in January.

    • When it does snow, it normally melts quickly because the sun comes right back out. It is not bitterly cold like the Northeast or Midwest.

    • The summer highs are generally in the 70s and 80s and occasionally in the 90s.

    • Colorado has extremely low humidity which makes it feel 10 degrees warmer in the winter and 10 degrees cooler in the summer compared to the same temperature in a humid environment.

  • Colorado cost of living and income taxes are relatively low, especially compared to states like California

Apartment Floorplan

Apartment Floorplan
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